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Take Care!!!

And here we go yell

Almost everybody will find this problem sooner or later, but what do you do when it happens??
When you see something start failing, what do you do: Pretend like nothing or fix it before it gets worst?
Shit happens when it should not happen…

Personally, I was always fixing it right away. If I saw a thread start opening, I melted it with a lighter to stop it. If I saw stiches start falling apart, I fixed it before it got worst.
Even today I do the same, shoes, jackets, pants etc innocent

We bought a lot of private equipment from all the famous producers you could find and some fall apart after use, BUT that was lesson learned what to look for when you bought something. To refund something to get new, never heard about!! We fixed it and moved on. We were “pigs” in the field – not “porn stars” …. Of course, there were “porn stars” in the field filled up with “dildo equipment”, when we saw them, we just walked away undecided

Some lessons learned with equipment/uniforms is the thread, for me that is the “most” important to look for. Its no use to look like a porn star and then you rip your pants because its look so cool and that special guy is using it bla bla bla + that movie. Some producers make you look like a porn star and make kick ass products, but when you rip it – you rip it…. But it will last longer, since the price is 10 times over the realistic price and you are extra careful with it money-mouth

Pants was always the first to fail, always below the zip we got a hole (we called it pussy), sometimes we fixed it or we only reinforced start and stop of the hole so it doesn’t open more and used it for ventilation surprised
When the ass cracked, then we hit moms sewing machine kiss

A special friend of mine who was also in to equipment told me a story from an exercise were his recon rucksack shoulder was ripped off with a big hole in the fabric…The bartack stiches for the adjuster was stronger than the fabric. There was no way to fix it with needle and thread. He fixed it with rope…., but that shoulder strap was really out of balance for the rest of the exercise.
After that story I always carried extra sewing kit, but I never used it. I always took care of my equipment!!

So, from day one till today, I will always say: Its much better that the thread breaks first then the fabric. If the thread breaks, you can fix it in few seconds. If the fabric breaks, you need big repairing and most likely it will not the be the same again…

My best trick:
-Pants; use suspenders. Most problems are when the pants fall to much down and you take a knee and it then cracks much easier, since it’s not made to be that low down. With suspenders, it will stay where the pants are supposed to be wink
-Other nylon equipment; take care of it and it take care of you, don’t rape it because its battle proven!!