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Hybrid Laser Cut Products

We did it again…

Well, we had a lot of fun and made new Laser Cut Product line that we are very happy with, but for those who have been out a winter night before; good Old School products still rocks. But since we live in year 2023 and still want to keep them… we made them little bit more “fashionable” and came out with Hybrid Laser Cut Product!!


We did like this:
1.    Laser cut hole for drainage etc.
2.    Minimum with edge tape.
3.    Laser cut PALS Back Panel.
4.    Folded edges like before.
5.    Made from 500D or 1000D Cordura.
6.    Reinforced if needed with Cordura.
7.    Normal webbing.
8.    Light weight products.
9.    Normal product price.

-Edge Tape will be minimum on the products to save weight and cost (not needed when its laser cut like that). Some pouches like frag, full lid magazine etc. will have edge tape on the edges like before. Utility pouches etc. will not have edge tape on the inside. Products will look the same from the outside, only inside and back has mainly been upgraded.
-PALS Back Panel is made from laser cut Cordura to save weight and the PALS legs are made from webbing, since there is the main weight of the load hanging. Same as we do with LC products, but it will have edge tape on the side to match up better with the front pouch.

To laser cut the products it’s a big YES because of benefits in the production etc. and like that there is no need to use laminate on normal products.

Good old CombatKit products will slowly be updated as far as possible with Hybrid Laser Cut Product and Laser Cut Product.

Look out for new HB products.