Designed By Soldiers - For Soldiers


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Designed By Soldiers – For Hunters

Some of our PRS products got very well used on hunting and was fast welcomed among the hunters, so we decided to make it more for hunting.
Our products are well tested by our Norwegian Hunting Team.
Here we combine many years with soldier and Hunter experience together to create something new and better.
We still try to keep it KISS with the new products, there is no need to buy products with “installation manual” ?

All our new Hunting products will use Silent Hook Option or zip to open or closed, NO Velcro opening will be used.
We still see many designs do the same “mistake” with to nice design and in the end its not “100%” compatible when you add your rucksack or rifle, so here comes the Designed By Soldiers - For Hunters part in.
-Compatible with rucksack.
-Compatible with rifle.
-Comfortable to use.
-Silent in use.


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