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Designed By Soldiers – For Hunters

Some of our PRS products got well used on hunting and was fast welcomed among the hunters, so after a lot of talking to the hunters, we decided to make it more for hunting.

Our products are well tested by our Norwegian Hunting Team.
Here we combine many years with Soldier and Hunter experience together to create something new and better.
We still try to keep it KISS with the new products, there is no need to buy products with “installation manual” cool

Different as I see it between a Soldier and a Hunter is “not much”, only different is that nobody is normally shooting back at you surprised
The “rest is the same”; do what it takes to find and hit the target.
And if you take this into consideration when you design and test, you will get good products.

All our new Hunting products will use Silent Hook Option or zip to open or closed, NO Velcro opening will be used.
We still see many designs do the same “mistake” with to nice design and in the end its not “100%” compatible when you add your rucksack or rifle, so here comes the Designed By Soldiers - For Hunters part in.
-Compatible with rucksack.
-Compatible with rifle.
-Comfortable to use.
-Silent in use.

After we first launched our Viking Bino Rig, we got the feedback right away: FULL LID – NO FLAP LID!! Yes because of the rain, if you want protection from the rain, safest is to use full lid on your bino pouch.
With experience and feedback, we have made three different models:
-Viking Bino Rig, classic with option to select Full Lid or Flap Lid after you needs.
-Jeger Bino Rig, for those who need best protection from the nature.
-Troll Bino Rig, here we take all experience and try to make it nice and still working kiss

We made many and tested many bags…... Three things we will not do:
- “Soft material” on the inside of the bino pouch. Yes, the feeling is very nice BUT when it gets wet – it stays wet. You can forget dry it when you are out hunting.
- Have the front part “2/3” lower so all kind of debris, snow rain can come in. It looks very nice but not worth it in the long run when everything gets wet and frozen….
-Lid opening out…. Yes, its logic and cool, but when it rains…. You collect all the rain + worst case you need to put on raincover…...

Remember, it has to work 24/7 – 365 days a year, not only that sunny day you use it yell