Designed By Soldiers - For Soldiers

Precision Rifle Shooting

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Designed By Soldiers – For Shooters

Our products are tested by our Norwegian Test Team.
Here we combine soldier and shooter experience together to create something new and better. We still try to keep it KISS with the new products.

"Different as I see it between a Soldier and PRS Shooter is not much”, main difference is that you don’t need to camouflage yourself AND nobody is shooting back at you cool
"The rest is the same; do what it takes to find and hit the target."
And if you take this into consideration when you design and test, you will get good products.

We don’t fill our bags for now, reason is that most user have the fill at home and it’s much better if you fill as you want it, not like "I want it". It’s a much better option when you can fill the bag max and adjust yourself how much you need inside for your rifle to be stable.
All of our bags have easy fill zip opening on the top. Fill the bag 70 to 90% full and see what is the best for you.
Heavier fill = More stable.

If you need fill, we have it smile





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