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Face Mask or ???

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I Protect You – You Protect Me

Main purpose with our face mask is to protect your surgical mask and get more cover around your face. It will also increase lifetime for your surgical mask and give you much more comfort.
Surgical masks should primary be used for the right people who need it more than others. With this mask you can help others and save the nature from surgical mask garbage.
Insert your own surgical mask as filter, stretch out your surgical mask inside the cover before use. Our masks can also be used as stand-alone mask.

Made from fine woven material with adjustable shock cord for best fit and comfort.
Great option for everyday use where you now don’t need to take so much care like a stand-alone surgical mask that can easily be damaged. Put it in your bag or in your jeans were ever you go.

Whatever mask you use, it will give you some kind of protection. It’s all about what kind of material you use in the mask. “If you use granny’s homemade mask made from curtain material”, liquid will penetrate very fast. You can have “10 layers” and minimum effect if you use wrong fabric.
If you use heavier fine woven material or water-repellent fabric it will be much slower.
One, two, three layers, thickness, weight of the material, with or without filter is also important to think about.
A rule of thumb is to check if the face mask has several layers. If it is transparent when you hold it against the light, it has a minimum effect.

More barriers - Slower penetration or no penetration. More protecting you have - Harder it is to breath.

Classic ear loops really don’t work properly; you need a much better carrying system to seal the mask and that’s why we use our shock cord system.

Sealing “360 degrees” around the mask is important. Example with surgical mask, if somebody sneeze you in the face you will inhale particles from the side and particles will slowly fall down and go under your mask to your nose and mouth.

Nose Bridge has to be of good quality, classic nose bridge will not work optimal since they are too soft. When you seal the nose bridge over the nose it has to stay like that and that’s why we use our own nose bridge. Also, are you “walking or running” with nose bridge? Till harder you breath till more air comes out and it will come out were the weakest point is and that’s where the nose is because of its shape and difficulty to seal it 100% when you are working with textile.

Valves we can talk about; they help breathing out 10-20% easier and it will be less moist inside. But you need to see how they are attached and understand how it works. Don’t buy because it looks cool!! Most valve mask on the marked have valve only with one-layer fabric, even its attached to the filter or thin fabric on the back of the valve. When you breath in, the valve closes - when you breath out it opens. If there is no good fabric on the back of the valve, DON’T BUY. That means what you breath out – other will breath in. The valve needs fabric/filter to filtrate what you breath out. Our valve Face Mask has fabric on the back or front for filtration and you can also insert filter. Since you are breathing more then the mask/valves can filtrate, the air is forced out and that can create fog on the glasses.
Walking with glasses from hot to cold or cold to hot = fog on the glasses with or without mask as before.

Stiches in front of the face mask has many theories, but in the end its more about the fabric you use in the mask then were the stiches are, yes stiches in front is a weak point. See first the video below (Mask Test) how it goes with bad fabric without stiches in front vs good fabric with stiches in front. Good fabric “closes” the hole after the needle has penetrated the fabric and withstand stretching better so the needle holes don’t get bigger. Bad fabric will not close the needle holes so good and if you stretch the fabric, the holes will get bigger and you get extra ventilation!! Correct fabric + correct needle size + correct thread size = best result!!
Most mask that are made now is more about fashion then working properly, remember the standard is 70% filtration or better for textile masks. Textile mask is not a medical mask, main purpose with textile mask is to prevent spreading as much as possible, 70% or better. Our main masks are two-layer mask and have option to insert own filter, then it’s no so important if the mask have stiches in front or not. One layer is one layer, but check the video below how it goes in the end. All textile masks will leak in the end: question is when?

Whatever mask you use, it will never be perfect for breathing. If so you are not using mask!!

If you sneeze in your mask only you will have problem. If somebody else sneeze in his mask, he will have the problem and not you or other around him.

P.S. surgical mask have lifetime on 3 working hours, N95 mask have lifetime on 8 working hours. Save them for those who need it.

We recommend hand washing for long product life. Dishwashing liquid soap / hand soap may be a better alternative as it removes more grease where the bacteria are.
-Wash in warm water using soap or mild detergent.
-Can be machine washed on 60 degrees. Remove valve if you have.
-Hang to dry.



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