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How to use it for best performance:

1.    Adjust the height of the shoulders, be precise when you adjust the height.
2.    Grab the side carrying handle if you have and throw the rucksack over your head (fewer problems with your equipment) or lift the rucksack after the top carrying handle and put it on your leg and then on your back like a small rucksack.
3.    Put the hip belt on your hip and tighten the belt (the hip is carrying the rucksack, not your back).
4.    Adjust the shoulder webbing for best comfort. You can use the chest straps for taking away some uncomfortable from the shoulders.
5.    Adjust the top webbing for the shoulders so the rucksack is “straight” up from your back. This depends on summer or winter packing. Summer packing; all heavy in to the back and up. Winter packing; all heavy in to the back and down (this is for better balance when skiing).
6.    “Tighten” the hip adjustment (on the side of the hip padding) when you walk flat, loosen up when you walk up or down hill.
7.    Taking the rucksack off, take one arm out, place it on your leg and lift it down with the carrying handle.
8.    Don’t lift the rucksack after one shoulder, no rucksacks are made to be carried after one shoulder, it’s made to be carried after both.
9.    If you have adjusted everything correct, open the shoulder webbing and the rucksack stops on the hip.
10.    Buy a chest rig and suspenders for your pants, that’s the only thing that works best with a larger rucksack and hip belt.





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