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Ghillie Add-On

More camouflage is more important on the battlefield today than it “used” to be!!

After some talking to the guys, we came up with a simple solution to help you also to camouflage your gear, not only the helmet.

We add on ghillie camo to the equipment…
This is primary made to help you so it will be more difficult to identifying a “plate carrier” right away in the forest and also act as camouflage. As you know it’s easy to identify equipment in the forest that don’t belong there. With Ghillie Add-On it will be more difficult to identify what it is right away or maybe it will even blend in much better after were you are.

The Ghillie Add-On will be sold as extra option on various Laser Cut products, all Ghillie Add-On is laser cut from 500D Cordura. When you choose Ghillie Add-On example on a chest Utility pouch that has Velcro in front, the Velcro will be removed and Ghillie Add-On will be on top of were the Velcro was. Example Flap Lid Magazine Pouch, the lid and lower bottom reinforcement will be removed and replaced with Ghillie Add-On.
It will also act as reinforcement on the product and for the weight it will only be few extra grams.
With a Plus it comes a Minus…

Combination classic helmet camouflage + shoulder camouflage + Ghillie Add-On = Happy Soldier innocent