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Laser Cut Products

Why now and not then…

Well, we had some fun and tested a lot of various fabrics/laminate when it all started, but in the end… With the price of laminate, it is really not worth it for the producer or even the end user to pay for something like that when you know what a “normal” Cordura product is made of and what it cost. Laminate is 3-5 times higher price than Cordura. In Europe there is really minimal use of laminated products, in then end it’s also difficult to find a laminate producer who have it in stock contra Cordura when you need it. There is no regular unites who have it issued and I doubt it will be because of the price and what you get back contra normal Cordura products. Most pictures you see from the producers are more for the Gucci part then how much they sell (now you know).

We did like this:
1.    Laser cut hole for drainage etc.
2.    Laser cut PALS Back Panel.
3.    Made from 500D or 1000D Cordura.
4.    Reinforced if needed with Cordura.
5.    Normal webbing.
6.    Very light weight products.
7.    Normal product price.

-PALS Back Panel is made from laser cut Cordura to save weight, and the PALS legs are made from webbing since there is the main weight of the load hanging.
-No eyelet and edge tape, this means better price because of less material and faster to make and a much lighter product.


In the end as you see, “it’s not worth it”, only if you have special needs and need to look extra special on pictures among your friends. It will not give you any super power or super speed with laminated products, the bullet on the other side don’t care how you look!!!
The best laser cut laminate will also fail you sooner or later (edges etc. fray faster than old school products).

To laser cut the products it’s a big YES because of benefits in the production etc. and like that there is no need to use laminate on normal products.
The only different from a good old nylon product is: No edge tape and eyelet, the rest is the same!!

From left: Classic 500D Cordura - Laser Cut 500D Cordura - Laser Cut 500D Cordura Laminate.

Good old CombatKit products will slowly be updated as far as possible with Hybrid Laser Cut Products and Laser Cut Products.

Look out for new LC products.