Designed By Soldiers - For Soldiers

Partisan Patriots Guerrilla Resistance Saboteurs Local Heroes, here we come!!

As we now see in Europe, They fail – You fight.
It’s nothing new, it’s just close/r to our doorstep….

No armies can wake up in 5min and be GTG, it’s a to big process. Only who can do that it’s the partisans, they turn the madras around and GTG. We also see it with big production companies, they don’t have anything ready and the process to make something/do something is too big and slow – Next!! yell. The small/medium producers can flip over in 5min and make what you need. Small but strong, just like the partisans (history repeats and everybody forget that) surprised

We got a lot of max panic requests for help with equipment to the soldier and the partisans. We know that nobody has in stock textile products/material, its money laying on the floor till you need it one day, but nobody understands that. Those days are gone when everybody had 10000 vests in stock…money-mouth Some small quantity you can find.

We got a phone call 25th of February: What do you have in stock? Ok, send everything you have and make more. 26th of February we start working, overtime and weekends to help out + still helping them.
So, the whole concept with the new Partisan products is KISS!! Simple to use and fast to make. It will not be the whole spectrum with equipment, just what you need to have fun tongue-out. Its all based on what they ask for and what we have from before, but it will be little bit simpler.

And this is what we see today, the big bad boy that we were told to fear as fuck in “school”, he doesn’t know how to walk, throw a stone or talk…. WTF. Here we have been buying all kind of fancy High Tec Gucci dildo MADE IN equipment to protect and hide away from the big bad boy…. Then the simple Tough Fucker comes in rubber boots and fart him in the face and the big bad boy falls down and crawls back to his mum…. WTF!! All the luxury crap we bought for “nothing” ….

KISS & Stay Safe innocent