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OMG the magazine falls out when I shake it......

I'm 99,9% sure that NO magazine pouch is designed to be hold in your hand when you change a magazine etc. Before you judge a pouch (or other kit) to much, PUT it on the platform, then on the body AND then test it. The result is like Day & Night. Test it as its supposed to be used, not as first impression use.......


For those who think 3D mesh is perfect, its not......

Most 3D mesh on the marked is not waterproof and most producers use it because of better comfort and ventilation + it looks cool of course....Well, even in the summer you will see the negative effect of 3D mesh when you walk around for hours wet from sweat that the 3D mesh collect, you will slowly “scrub” off your wet skin and you look like a boiled lobster in the end of the day and the next day you have to do it again and aging.

For those who don't know, yes you sweat in the winter also. Its heavy to work in snow environments and you will sweat a lot whatever (“compere” it with walking in the water).

Most of the times we don’t bring the kit in the tent, we leave it outside so it don’t melt the snow/ice on it and get wet in the tent AND you don’t want to bring wet kit out. If you can, you will dry it, but when is that?

What do you think happens with wet 3D mesh and minus degrees? It freezes in “few minutes” and you need to walk it of......Imagine a rucksack with 3D mesh on the back that froze to ice and you need to walk it of........ 


A Wet Soldier Is A Dead Soldier!!!

Whatever textile product you buy, it will fall apart one day…..threads opens, zips stops working, Velcro falls off etc.

However, what do you do when you see it starts fall apart is the big question?

1. Nothing, what happened happened….

2. I melt the thread to stop it falling more apart.

3. I fix it with new stiches and GTG.

4. I just wait until it falls apart and ask for a new one.