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My pouch is loose...

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This simple video is primary made for those who do not understand how PALS/MOLLE is working when it is attached.
The main problem the user does not understand with a single pouch being attached is that it will always be loose. Till smaller MOLLE platform and bigger the pouch is, till more the pouch moves.
Good example is the British PLCE Belt Kit, the pouches has a very stable platform, but the pouches is big and attached on a small platform (belt). What do the soldier do? He secures the pouches with bungee cord to be more stable.

The MOLLE platform is stable with normal webbing, stiff webbing, light webbing or MALICE clips (see video), remember the tolerance the MOLLE/PALS system has also.
The pouch itself will of course move since it is a pouch, but the platform is “not” moving like that.

Yes, like that, the platform is moving up, down, left and right few mm of course.
Why: 1 PALS is 38mm wide and vertical MOLLE webbing is 25mm wide, this means you have “13mm” tolerance in the sideway when you add the vertical MOLLE webbing true the PALS, so it can move “13mm” left or right, but you don’t see it or feel it if it happens so much. The platform can move up and down few mm if you pull the pouch extra, then the horizontal MOLLE/PALS webbing will be squeezed few mm and the pouch can move up and down few mm. MILSPEC Nylon Webbing is stretching overtime, maybe 10-15%......

Of course, you can adjust the MOLLE/PALS better, but then it is not anymore MOLLE/PALS......
MOLLE/PALS is 38mm (1.5”) wide and 50mm (2”) high: End of story!
All producers have their own way of making a platform, many make the platform to big or to small, only few make it By the Book.
Test the pouch on the platform and on your body, not in your hand.





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