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Correct material combination and you have boots that will keep your feet pretty dry and comfortable in the field for a long time.
For those who have extra sweaty feet, this can be the boots for you. The main problem with membrane boots is that people think, “That’s it, no more sweating with membrane”. Nevertheless, you are not that lucky. First you have to understand how a membrane is working in boots; each step you take with the boots, the membrane is breathing, BUT your feet are most of the times sweating more than the membrane can breathe and that’s why “you are” sweaty on the feet’s with membrane boots.

Second, when the membrane is under pressure from your foot, the breathing process start revers and sweat is coming back that was on the way out of the membrane. Third, if you have “waterproof leather boots” with membrane, you will not have full effect of the membrane process. Why; every step you take the membrane breaths out some sweat from your feet’s, but the sweat stops on the waterproof leather and can’t go out, so under pressure from your foot the membrane revers the breathing process and since almost no sweat is going out, “everything” is coming slowly back (same problem with membrane clothing). Now you know why membrane boots in the winter is not so smart. HOWEVER, all those factors depend on your feet, quality of your socks, boot material and construction.

We have used leather and textile material for best breathing with membrane and still have very good walking comfort. We also added rubber edge protection for when you are crawling or walking on rocks.

Tested in minus “10” degrees and up to “35” degrees with minimum moister in the boots. Best comfort temperature I will say is “0” degrees till “25” degrees and you are dry and nice on the feet.

Of course, you will feel something, but socks and feet are very dry to be a boot with membrane. Like that, you can say feet are “90%” dry the whole time when you think this is membrane boots.


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