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1.    It should work 365 days, summer as winter.
2.    KISS: Do I really need that extra Velcro to look cool or….
3.    There is no need to reinvent the wheel again and again.
4.    Think worst-case scenario: winter, mud, rain, wind, plate carrier, large rucksacks fuxs up all good designs.
5.    If the pouch is made for the desert, it is ok that it doesn’t work in the winter.
6.    With a Plus it comes a Minus: When you add something, you need to remove something to make it work with the rest of the kit. Think the whole spectrum of equipment, will it work when I kit up with all the rest of the equipment I/other use.
7.    Its “impossible” to make a product 100% perfect or everybody like it. If you can make it 80% or better, that’s it.
8.    It always somebody out there who is smarter than you….
9.    Never stop, always make it better.
10.    If I like it, doesn’t mean you like it.
11.    If it works for that guy, it doesn’t mean it works for you.
12.    When all is working as planned, then you can start make it nicer? Function Before Fashion!
13.    The ultimate test is 12 months in a country who can give you all weather conditions were a soldier would operate. If it past, you have a product.


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